I craft designs that positively impact people.

Tina Hsieh,
Sr. Product/ UX Designer at Mozilla


I’m a Sr. product/ UX designer currently working at Mozilla. In my 6 years of experience, I have worked on a variety of products ranging from automobile HMI, connected device, desktop browser, websites, to mobile apps. Being a designer with an engineering background and experience in different fields of products makes me learn about the industry and design constraints with ease, which allows me to consider users more in my design process.

My design philosophy

I believe that “always learning from users” is the key to delivering meaningful designs to users. In my previous projects that targeted Indonesian vendors and Taiwanese seniors, I led the team through the entire user research process and concept validations which helped the team and I gained more empathy from the face-to-face activities into the designs we created.  

I also believe that designing good products isn’t the only way to create a positive impact on people. Therefore, I love sharing my design experiences through talks and blogs. I hope it can not only inspire more people, but also reduce their struggles in design.

What I do in my spare time

Outside of work, I find myself recharged when I continuously challenge myself like practicing new skateboard tricks 🛹, bodyboarding at dawn 🌊, decorating my house with seasonal flowers 🌷, and capturing beautiful moments while traveling 📷.  


SEP 2015 - NOW

Senior Product/ UX Designer


OCT 2013 - AUG 2015

Interaction Designer

HAITEC Automobile Design Center

SEP 2011 - JUN 2013

Master of Industrial Design


SEP 2007 - JUN 2011

Bachelor of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering



* Product UX/UI Design

* User Research (qual. + quant.)

* Rapid Prototypes

* Product Management

* Design Thinking Blogs

* Travel Photography


Jan 2020

Firefox Lite - Press Event

Introduced the newly released "Firefox Lite Travel" as a PM in 2020's Mozilla press event. The news was covered globally including Yahoo! Finanace and Business Insider.

Nov 2018 @NTHU, Mar 2020 @NCKU

Design Sprint Workshop

Hosted a workshop for graduate students to learn and practice design sprint methods and came out with a design target by setting a sprint goal, summarizing research insights, drawing a journey map, and making HMW questions.  

Apr 2017 @TTU,   Mar 2018 @FJCU

Design Thinking

Taught the design thinking process for university students to practice from framing HMW questions, making an affinity diagram, brainstorming ideas, to delivering a design concept for Firefox.

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Apr 2015 @NCKU

UX in Automobile Design

Shared my working experience and insights in the automobile design industry and explained how it differs from the modern software industry.

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